Goodbye Pills, Hello Nature’s Medicine

I’m a former Registered Nurse of 10 years, who worked in various types of conventional medical settings such as a children’s Liver Transplant Unit, various surgery centers, pediatric medical/surgical units, and even cosmetics. The extent of my medical healthcare knowledge was limited to Western Medicine for a very long time until I discovered Homeopathy (natural medicine) about 4 years ago.

The way Western healthcare approaches sickness or imbalances are: Oh you have an infection? Take some antibiotics. Oh you are experiencing some pain? Take a Vicodin. Oh you struggle with anxiety and/or depression? Pop another pill, maybe Prozac and Ativan this time. I had no problem during my career injecting, infusing, and administering all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs into my patient’s bodies, because I thought I was helping them. In a lot of ways I was helping people get better. I was following doctor’s orders and implementing a plan of care following a system backed up by evidenced based practice to none of which I discredit. I believe there is valuable information out there that have been tested through and through by evidenced based practice and clinical trials, some of which are life-saving at best, but I also have learned throughout my healthcare journey that pharmaceutical medication is best used as the last line of defense and that there are hundreds or even thousands of natural foods, herbs, and oils that can cure you from the inside out.

Before I share a few homeopathic cures to common ailments we all will have or have had in our lives, I’d like to tell you my story about antibiotics and antidepressants.

I’ve struggled with depression most of my life. As a kid, I was inclined to the arts, very expressive, and highly sensitive. I was able to keep this at bay or remedy myself through certain coping mechanisms as a child but when I reached my teens it became worse because of the change in my hormones and by young adulthood, while juggling a career that brought me to tears every day, I was finally diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder. My heart dropped when I heard those words coming out of the doctor, “You have MDD.” It was a big relief to be diagnosed because I finally knew why I was struggling so much. I was no longer defined by depression. It was just a cross I had to bear, because of my genes or imbalanced chemicals in the brain. The doctor highly encouraged me to start taking Prozac immediately and so I did for a month, until I knew something wasn’t right. Prozac made me feel so detached from the world. I didn’t feel connected nor grounded with myself or others. The best way I can describe it was that there was this opaque film over my eyes and that’s how the world looked to me and how I interacted with it. Feeling fearful that my artistic nature (the ability to be present and feel everything whether good or bad) would be affected by pharmaceuticals, I literally prayed to my God for an answer. Plus, the shooting nerve pain down my legs was a side effect that I didn’t want anymore from good old Prozac. There had to be another way. And there was! I landed on a website of a nurse who became a homeopathic doctor. She consulted me and prescribed me a natural medication that literally cured me of depression in just a few doses. Homeopathy is very interesting. It’s a natural approach to bring your body, mind, and soul back into balance since it is illnesses that bring us out of balance. It’s a holistic approach to medicine. The term “holistic” was thrown around in Nursing School and in my various jobs, but I hardly ever remember us Nurses actually implementing that method of care in the care we gave. Another cool thing is that unlike pharmaceuticals, homeopathy doesn’t require you to be on medication forever such as most antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. I occasionally will need to take a few doses of my homeopathic medication if I’m under a lot of stress which can lead to depression, but again after a few doses for let’s say one to three days, I’m back to my optimal self again. I can say I haven’t needed it for 3 years.

Homeopathic Cures:

1) Aureum Metallicum is derived from gold, often called The Golden Remedy. It is a homeopathic remedy that has a reputation for addressing the deepest imaginable depression and anxiety. Yet it also touches the lives of those who have depression running in their family bloodline.

I’m not a homeopathic doctor, so I’ll let you readers do your own research. Also, please consult a homeopathic doctor if you need a prescription for it’s best to talk directly to a well versed professional when dealing with herbal medicine.

2) UriClear Plus in conjunction with Oregano oil capsules cures mild to moderate UTI (urinary tract infections). This product contains ingredients that all help the wall of the uterus, supporting the health of the uterus and attacking the bacteria head on.

There’s no need to take antibiotics for UTIs because there are natural ways to cure this common infection both in women and men.

This leads me to my story about antibiotics. I once had salmonella food poisoning two weeks before my wedding! My doctor immediately prescribed me Cipro, a broad spectrum antibiotic, “broad” basically meaning a gunshot to the body. Since it would take a week to get the lab results in, he ordered an antibiotic that would just about kill every type of bacteria. As a nurse, I knew I should have waited it out because food poisoning just needs to run its course and your body will eventually heal itself. However, it was two weeks before my wedding and I didn’t want to take any chances. Really bad choice! I ended up having a very bad reaction to Cipro: joint pain, migraines, extreme fatigue to the point of becoming bed ridden while on the medication, and vertigo. I could not walk or stand up on my own. I knew something was terribly wrong so I looked up my symptoms online and I began to read a plethora of stories about Cipro poisoning! Other people too felt like they were going to die. On my third day on Cipro I did mention to my husband that I felt like I was going to die. I wasn’t joking. And to read so many stories of others who used the same words as me when describing how they felt, “I felt like I was going to die,” made me realize it was time to listen to my body and trust myself. For the longest time, I just trusted doctors, the media, and what I learned in nursing school. Again, some of that knowledge I’m not knocking down, but I have learned that there are so many cures and ways our bodies can naturally heal itself with the aid of what is growing on soil rather than a pharmaceutical laboratory.

This is how I see it. God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in made this earth. There has to be cures within nature if this higher being made it.

I wanted to share this information with you all because if I save someone the heartache and pain from antibiotics, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety pharmaceutical medications, and show them a natural, harmless, and effective alternative…why not! This knowledge is priceless and more richer than gold.


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