Take 5: Body Care


Photo courtesy of Hanna Postova from unsplash.com

Ever since I left my old career about 3 months ago, I started a program called, “Take 5.”

It’s what coaches say to their players when it’s time for a break. The number 5 symbolizes 5 minutes. And of course, after you’ve been tumbled into a weed and contorted into a fish when you were a bird all along in your last career – you’re bound to need a little break.

I saw a YouTube video of a girl who left the same profession as I did for very similar reasons. She created this program (it’s free) called, “Take 5” to reclaim her life back in 5 areas: Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, & Soul. She focused on one area at a time for a duration of 5 months. I decided to focus on one area at a time for a duration of 5 years. Call me an overachiever. No…but I knew personally that 5 months wouldn’t be long enough for me to make all the necessary changes I wanted in my life for where I want to go. I wanted and still want a permanent lifestyle makeover.

The last 3 months, I’ve been working on the first area: Body. And of course, it’s only natural that I’ll work on all the other areas consecutively while I’m focusing on Body, but just for the sake of the program, I decided to put more attention on Body and here’s what I’ve learned so far.

• The mind is a powerful thing. It’s like a garden. If you water it with kindness, love, and reason – it will move by the leading of your consciousness. If you water it poison, it will affect your Body and it will manifest itself physically.

• You are what you eat. Body needs nourishment to be happy and healthy. When your Body gets good nutrients, your mind is happy and healthy.

• Foods rich in probiotics are amazing for your gut health! It increases your immunity and wards off illnesses. I’ve started fermenting foods with the help and inspiration of new friends.

• Your Body and your mind are connected. When you are present, you are being your highest self which is beneficial to yourself and others.

• Body will tell you your limitations. It’s humbling, but listening to it is a practice of self-love. It’s okay if you’re in pain, do what you can. It’s enough.

• Some exercises are better for certain bodies, find a workout that suits your body type and “chi” and don’t judge yourself.

• The people in my life notice my energy has shifted to a brighter positive loving one. (I was all those before, but I’ve improved and it’s noticeable!)

I had the pleasure and blessing of taking a free 70 minute yoga class this morning. I started my day with positive intentions and a positive mind frame. Exercising can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. Rewind back to 2014, I was in the worst shape of my life! I was skinny, because being on the thin side runs in my family, but my cardiovascular health was not so thin.

My husband would take me up to these stairs nearby where we live and I could barely get through them without losing my breath. I would get hard on myself and complain and say I couldn’t do it. I was also in a career that I was very unhappy with. It weighed me down… literally. I even walked with a slouch. My shoulders were hunched over and I had tight muscles everywhere throughout my body, because I carried a lot of tension. Doing something day in and day out that goes against your genetic makeup, can do some things to your confidence too.

Ever since I took on the Take 5 Body challenge, this is what I’ve been up to:

• Kickboxing 1-2 x a week

• Lagree 1-2 x a week

• Yoga 1-2 x week

• Easy hike with my dog in the early mornings every other day.

• Sleeping very well, as long as my dog sleeps well. 😂

• Epsom salt baths 1 x week. Love them salts!!

And this is what I’ve learned:

• I don’t like Lagree very much. The Lagree reformer machine is pretty revolutionary in the fitness world, but I think it’s easy to over stretch or over resist your muscles due to the nature of the machine, which can cause injuries. I actually injured my right hip the first month using it. For my body type, I think I should stick with yoga, kickboxing, and swimming.

• As the tension in my body was releasing with every yoga or kickboxing class I took, emotions would swell up within me and I’d often tear up during and especially after class. It is actually known that we can store memories and trauma in our body, so releasing them is a form of healing. (Super cool note: even dogs shake themselves to reset their nervous system if they experienced trauma, whether big or small. So the next time you see your dog accidentally run into something as she’s running down the hill super duper fast, you’ll notice “the body shake”).

I’m excited to start focusing on Mind. I think I naturally already have by taking care of my Body (i.e. yoga), but I’d like to take up reading more and incorporate exercises to engage my brain.

What are you doing these days to nourish, love, and take care of your Body? You only have one Body…and it’s a beautiful temple where the light of God resides. It’s our duty to take care of it the best we can.

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