Friendship Lessons from my Dog and her Best Friend

Photocred: Curry’s parents.

A little over a year and a half ago, my husband and I brought home our very first (and only so far) puppy. We did not know what we got ourselves into. At the time, we were overwhelmed because Brady was the most hyper dog we have ever met. But now, we cannot imagine then how life without her. Brady is an Austrailian Shepherd. Her breed is known to be super athletic, energetic, wickedly smart, and a herder by nature. No wonder why she would loved nipping at my ankles when she was a puppy to get my attention!

Probably around 8 months of raising her, I was burnt out. She could run miles and miles and I wasn’t in the best shape back then. Five walks a day didn’t cut it and a park visit was a piece of cake for her, so we started going hiking with her every other day. Now, we hike her every morning (super early sometimes – as early as 6am) and thankfully there is a hike path about 10 minutes away from our home. We love to do this! My husband and I take turns doing pup morning duties, but it’s become something we look forward to so even if it’s not our day to be on duty, we often go together if we can.

I’ve learned a lot of things from my dog. She brought some wonderful human friends into our lives as well – which is ALWAYS a plus. Early on, when she was a puppy, she became best friends with another Aussie named, Curry. As their friendship blossomed, we have had the privilege of learning some important life lessons about friendship and life from these two. Here are some of them:

1) Never leave behind your friends. Curry never continues on whenever we’re on a hike when Brady is off catching birds up on top of the hills. He’ll either wait for her or find her and bring her back down the hill.

2) They don’t fight over things. Food, toys, affection – they just don’t. They share and take turns.

3) They will protect each other from aggressive dogs. Like human friends should protect and stand up for each other against those ugly bullies.

4) They give each other good positive energy. It’s a give and take. It’s not one-sided!

5) Curry tends to be grumpy sometimes. It’s a cute personality trait of his, “grumpy grandpa.” When he isn’t feeling well, Brady will try to cheer him up with kisses.

6) They live and operate in the present moment and they are influenced by each other’s good energy.

8) They are super grateful whenever we take them out on adventures and obviously grateful for each other.

Dogs can teach you SO much about kindness, play, love, and life. They vibrate at such high energy because they are creatures that give unconditional love and naturally know how to receive love. Humans can really learn some life lessons from them. Wouldn’t it be nice if human friendships were such as theirs? Curry and Brady’s friendship reminds me of friendships between two little children. I’m super grateful for them both and Curry’s parents, who are amazing humans. Thank you pups for showing us how to live and treat one another!

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