My 2020 Spring Facial & Body Skincare Reviews


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I love trying new skincare products, because I’m always on the search to find something that works. I also suffer from a skin disorder (only from the neck down, not on the face, thank God!), so the products I use have to be compatible with my sensitive skin. Here are my 2020 Spring Skincare reviews for both face and body products.

Let’s start with the face products:


  1. Facial Sunshine Elixir by “By Achilles Botanicals”
  • This is the holy grail of all facial oils! This is my second bottle and I can absolutely say that my results show for itself. This is a natural, organic, and vegan product that has a variety of different oils from plants and flowers. I won’t list them here because there are a lot of them. The name, Sunshine Elixir, says it all – it gives my skin a healthy sunny glow and it protects my skin as it contains a natural SPF in one or more of the oils. It’s helped my blemishes fade and have prevented new breakouts from forming on my chin, which is a constant struggle (especially with wearing these face masks lately). It’s a known fact that in ancient times, the Europeans and Egyptians used oils to wash and hydrate their facial and body skin, unlike the moisturizers and creams we use today which have a lot of emollients that can actually clog your pores. If your cores are clogged, your skin cannot properly breathe. Our skin is the biggest organ we have – someone put it this way once, our skin is like another set of lungs. Also, our lymphatic system in our bodies work to push out unwanted bad bacteria and toxins through the passage of our skin pores. If the pores are clogged, then they can’t get out, resulting in poor circulated and problem skin (example: acne). Oils also naturally control and balance the sebum levels of your skin. It works harmoniously with our bodies. I use this every morning after washing my face and using toner. I rate this 10/10.


2.  Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion by “Beauty Counter”

  • I actually like this face lotion. It does pass the daily use test for me. I apply to my face, right after I use the Sunshine Elixir and it gives me the right amount of moisture throughout the day. It really does get the job done. My skin is sensitive so the fact that it’s unscented and lightweight is a plus. There’s nothing too fancy about this product – again it’s just a white, easy to put on, unscented lotion. It’s an every day kind of lotion and if that’s what you’re looking for, Countermatch is the stuff! I rate this 8.5/10.


    3.  Perfect Renew Cream by “Laneige”

  • Horrible! This cream is far from perfect in my opinion. It smells great, as most Korean skincare products do, but it clogged my pores and I broke out everywhere! I even got whiteheads in areas I never do. I didn’t want to waste my money, so I used what was leftover as a foot cream. I rate this 1/10.

And for the body products:


  1. Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil by “Spectrum Essentials”
  • AMAZING…another holy grail product! Isn’t it interesting how I called the Sunshine Elixir, which is oil based as well, a holy grail? There’s something about oils and how it works harmoniously with our bodies. Also, these two products are organic,  natural, and do not contain any preservatives. It’s the same concept of: you are what you eat! If you eat processed foods every day, you’ll feel processed and look processed. If you eat healthy and clean, you’ll feel and look healthy and clean. I suffer from a rare skin disorder (for 21 years!), and I have recently discovered that this coconut oil helps with these symptoms: extreme dry patches, calms down and soothes rashes and red inflamed areas, moisturizes my skin deeply, helps the appearance of blemishes and scars, and evens out my skin tone. I rate this 10/10.


2.  Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion Sheer Hydration by “Aveeno”

  • I know there are tons of opposing views online about Aveeno products, because they contain an ingredient called Dimethicone. I won’t discuss what that is here. It’s too long of a debate, but for someone that struggles with a skin disorder for 21 years…it’s really the only thing that has helped my skin improve. I like to be “green” and I’m all for saving the planet, so I’m still on the search for something more natural, that has similar ingredients to Aveeno (their colloidal oatmeal perhaps!), but without the dimethicone. I apply the coconut oil as the first layer and then Aveeno on top and it’s the Aveeno that seals and locks the moisture in. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my skin condition. I rate this a 10/10. A picture says a thousand words:

Here are my before and after photos of using Coconut oil + Aveeno 2x a day for 4 days.






3.  Countermatch Adaptive Body Moisturizer by “Beauty Counter”

  • It does not moisturize my skin. It only last up to 3 – 4 hours. I rate this 2/10.

My own DIY Body Butter containing Shea & Mango butters, jojoba + avocado + coconut oils, and bergamot + grapefruit + wild orange essential oils that I made a few days ago has been amazing!! However, the essential oils were a little rough on my sensitive skin. Next time, I want to add colloidal oatmeal (like Aveeno), and essential oils and/or oils that are more gentle on my skin such as Frankincense, Baobab oil, Rose Hip oil, and/or Chamomile oil. I think I am happy about the face products I use, however I’d still like to find a formula for my body that does not have dimethicone in it. Hence…why I’ll be putting on my white coat rather soon and playing skin scientist again in my laboratory. 🙂


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