Skin Biopsy: waiting for a diagnosis


I got a skin biopsy yesterday at my Dermatologist’s office. This was a big deal because I’ve been battling and suffering from a skin disease for 21 years, since I was 15 years old (now, you can guess my age lol). My mother brought me to about 15 dermatologists in my youth and every single one of them said something along the lines of, “What you have is PLEVA skin disease and there is no cure.” They would prescribe me tons of antibiotics and steroid creams with little to no success. In my adulthood, I would find out that long term antibiotic and steroid cream use is bad for your health, body, and skin! Those Western doctors don’t know anything…

But despite the poor outcome of treatments from Western Doctors, I decided to go to a top senior Dermatologist at one of the best hospitals in the nation. He was amazing. He was the first doctor that actually listened to me and was patient enough to hear my full story of my skin journey. He was surprised that no one suggested a skin biopsy. That was the first thing he wanted to do – to get the right diagnosis before we can take the next step. He performed the skin biopsy and ordered some blood tests. And now…I’m just waiting for my results. I also told him that I would not take antibiotics again, because it didn’t work and made my gut flora and my skin worse. He took note of that and agreed! However, he did say he may prescribe a steroid cream if the diagnosis calls for it. I’m still iffy about that, but we’ll see. I’m taking things day by day. He also explained that the best case scenario would be that one biopsy would be enough to pin point a diagnosis. However, there are occasions when more biopsies are needed. I am praying and hoping, I don’t need another biopsy because it hurts! The actual biopsy part of the procedure is painless because lidocaine is injected into the skin before the incision is made. But the lidocaine shot is what hurts. It’s bearable but I’m very sensitive when it comes to pain.

Anyway, I’m just really happy and proud of myself that I went through with it. I waited this long but now I’m taking action and becoming my own patient health advocate. I also, now, as an adult have the resources and funds to get the proper health care that I need, which I am so grateful for. 🙏

I know my skin isn’t perfect, but I’m learning to accept myself and my body exactly the way it is – flaws and all, with all it’s imperfections. I look at my bandaid that’s covering my incision (I’ll have to get the stitches taken out in 2 weeks), and I feel like a warrior queen. 💪 👸 👑


I never used to wear shorts or skirts, but now I am. I want my skin to breathe properly and I am not ashamed anymore about my skin disorder. I don’t need to hide my imperfections anymore.

Imperfections are beautiful.

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. (I’ll add to this quote: Beauty isn’t about having flawless skin either). It’s about having a pretty mind, pretty heart, and pretty soul.”

My goal is to focus on my inner beauty and self with the hope that my outer skin health will align with the inner.



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