The World Turns: from chaos to peace


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At a macro level, our world has literally turned itself upside down ever since the coronavirus pandemic has swept our planet. At a micro level, our worlds have been shaken as well. Any bit of control or balance we thought we had, we have lost. I think if we are honest, most of us have been…coping. Coping with our new normal of adding face masks, gloves, and some even face shields to our spring wardrobe. Coping with joblessness and collecting unemployment. Coping with the uncertainties of tomorrow, our goals, and our dreams. And some have it worse…coping with the stress of where their next meal is going to come from. We’re all coping and doing the best we can. I’m hoping we are helping our neighbors too as much as we can. It is a very scary time, but despite how bleak the outlook is, I believe peace is around the horizon. With that being said, I’m not diminishing the pain and suffering so many are experiencing. There are many who have lost loved ones due to this insidious disease. Right now, there is no cure, but I believe we will find a way to eradicate it, just like how we as a human race have conquered other diseases and viruses in the past. Just a few months ago, the last Ebola patient in Africa walked out of the hospital, free of the disease. Of course, finding a cure and treatment take time. It isn’t instant, but if we just hold on and hold on to each other…we might just see a whole new world emerge for the better.

The news outlet is not privy to positive news, so here are some things I wanted to point out in my blog to give hope to any readers out there that are struggling to see past the dark:


  1. Animals are emerging from the wild! Flamingos and dolphins were found playing in the Venice canals.
  2. A record-size ozone hole over the Arctic is now healed and closed.
  3. Air pollution has gone down significantly in China and other parts of the world.
  4. Less land pollution! Humans are becoming quite creative in making their own foods, products, and other life essentials and it is healing the planet. Less plastic is going into the ocean, one habit at a time.


  1. Humans are being touched by the humanity in others and within themselves. People are reaching out and helping others in need. They are restoring broken relationships.
  2. Individual selves are being healed. As everyone has the time during quarantine to reflect and meditate on their lives, they are taking action in their stillness to heal and evolve.
  3. Animal pets are being spoiled lol and their owners are receiving the full benefits of their fur babies. 🙂
  4. Less traffic on the streets! Adults are enjoying the outdoors, bicycling around town. (A great way to get cardio exercise while staying 6 feet apart from others).
  5. Humans are becoming aware of the sensitivity and power of words. Since we cannot hug or kiss our friends and family members, we are left to use our words to show our affection, ultimately helping us communicate better.
  6. The pandemic is revealing to us the cracks in our society. The problems with homelessness, racial crimes, the disproportionate levels of health care in people of certain cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds are coming to the forefront. We are seeing where we have fallen short – in ourselves and in our government and in our world! This is shedding light on areas I believe some of us (unfortunately not all) will work to improve.
  7. Empathy and vulnerability are growing in all of us. Key characteristics for growth.


Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash

We still have a ways to go…it may take about a year to two years for a safe vaccine and treatment. For now, we must hold on to our faith and hold on to each other. Let this difficult time, be an opportunity for growth in love, light, and community.


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